Chore Chart Hell…. 28 days to form a habit.

Nobody like to do chores. It is part of life though, and they need to be done, and if you want to teach responsibility to your offspring you need to set up a chart for chores, delegate their days/times/chores and stick to it.

And definitely do not pay them money for this. I don’t care if Sally gets $5 for cleaning her room! Sally is a spoiled brat with weak parents.

Being paid to clean your house? No.  Must be nice for Sally but it’s not going to happen in the real world, when the kids are living in their own, and it shouldn’t happen now. You live here; you help; you pass go? Good, you still do not collect $200…

My theory: A home is a community that thrives on the participation of all (or is a complete disheveled mess because nobody wants to help) you shouldn’t get paid to do basic shit like cleaning up your own home. It’s a skill you need to learn, sucks but it’s life.


It takes 28 days to form a habit; good or bad. Which means that once you get your chore chart set and written out – you have to be consistent for one entire month; 28 days, a menstrual cycle, a moon phase, call it what you want consistency is the point.

After that it will be easy; but before those 28 days are up……it will be a living hell.

The more kids, or participants listed on the chart – the more hellish it will be. Get ready for fights, crying, screaming, begging but do not back down.

There is a calm after the storm. Most people who tell me they used a chore chart and it didn’t work out are the type to give up after a day or five days.

They aren’t consistent, don’t stick it out for 28 days, try for a day or two, stop trying, then complain that their kids don’t help, if this is you then I’m telling you it’s not the kids; it’s you.

They feed off you, they push limits and will get away with what you allow so of course they will try to not do chores if you don’t enforce the chore chart, if you let it slide they are going to slide as far as possible and it’s your fault.

So my best advice is stay committed and then it will get done, things will eventually run smoothly and it will work!! You will still have to remind them to every single day that they need to do their chores (that part never becomes a habit) but they will know how to read your chart, know what they need to do and it will benefit everyone in the long run.

You can do it!