big family and underwear in your pocket

Having a big family means…… SUNDAY (today) is daylight savings time which only adds to the exhaustion. I love farmers but Damn… as soon as we get adjusted… it gets switched.

It means pulling a clean pair of underwear out of your pocket at 9:00pm only to remember you put it in there a few hours ago folding laundry.

It means realizing you are out of foil only after making 10 sausage-egg “Mcmuffins” from scratch on a Sunday night – for the morning.

It means realizing that you haven’t had a glass of red wine all week but you need one; and it’s too late on a Sunday night to get one.

It means laundry. And an exciting feeling when you realize that you have completed all but one load of laundry and if you just had the energy you could finish it all by Monday morning.

It means tripping and almost breaking your already broken ankle on a sneaker then turning around and seeing 10 sneaker/boots on the floor next to the EMPTY shoe basket.

It means thinking that a hot shower would be amazing while the hubby and big kids watch Walking Dead; only to see a huge pile of dishes in the sink smiling at you.

It means being asked to rub a rotator cuff and make a lunch (during a commercial break) while you were sneaking away to try to write this.

It means not having enough time, enough sleep, enough money; and always having enough love to go around. Even if you are mad at your entire family, I am sure every big family has a pet or two to cuddle. Or at least a fish to talk too.



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