an apology is worth more than a million

Rarely does my husband apologize when we get into arguments. He just ignores the fact that we got into an argument then I give up and move on. So today when we got into it; I was planning to pack my bags – we don’t just disagree. We fight dirty. Oh so dirty and horribly and the absolutely wrong way.

We fight and my temper is off the charts and he follows my lead (doubt he would agree; even with that) Anyway we fight unfairly and the complete opposite of what ANY marriage counselor would recommend (even a bad one) (even one that kicks us out of marriage counseling)

So to get to the point I was completely SHOCKED today when I picked my phone up off of the floor, after our heated arguement me leaving, leaving my phone home being gone for 2 hours ….. coming back and then still contemplating packing my shit then moving to another country or world altogether….  and saw that he had text me.

“You’re right I was out of line talking to you like that”

“I’m sorry”


Heavens opening up…………………………………..


Apology accepted.

I was NOT expecting that and was already half way to India with a notebook pen and a backpack on a dirty train in my mind.

Now with him apologizing nothing I had thought in the past couple hours mattered.

I felt a thousand times better and I accepted his apology.

This should be a lesson to anyone that has a hard time saying sorry when you know you did something wrong; just say it. It works. People CAN forgive. They WILL forgive. All it takes is to be true to your lover and yourself.










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