The Secret, Universal Principle & choosing pain.

I am currently reading the book You Can Have It All; a simple guide to a joyful and abundant life by Arnold M. Patent. I am still in the early parts of the book and honestly at first I thought that I was going to ditch it, because the author was blabbing too much about his experiences in a non interesting way, but once you get past that fluff it starts to get down to explaining the Universal Principle. (Note to self: If you want to talk about yourself in your book – at least make it interesting). It is starting to remind me of The Secret, which is all about the law of attraction which is something that I was formerly obsessed with and surprise, surprise REALLY WORKED.

Maybe I have just gotten off the path of my truest self in so many ways that I have not been able to be who I really am? I have chosen anger and hate over loving-kindness and that is really not me and the sad part is I am doing it consciously out of fear of some kind.

For whatever reason a wall just seems safer right now…. but does it? At some point I turned to the dark side and said fuck it. Fuck it I am sick of being nice to people because I always get hurt and…..


Bitchy Ruby is back. I missed her and I hate her at the same time. I am hoping to find guidance through this book, meditation and other arenas to get myself back to my truest form.

More to come……


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