Yada, alkaline and my hybrid kids.

I recently came across this posting by Yada and originally got inspired. I went on a research binge about high alkaline diets, and I am thankful and feel blessed for seeing it. But, their is more to the story….

After watching a few more of Yada’s videos, and liking his Facebook page, then reading hundreds of comments some pro and some anti-Yada.  I came across him calling mixed kids hybrids and said that white people are only having babies with blacks because they want another way to control them….. ok Yada. BYE. I “unliked” him on Facebook and to that I say: Fuck you Yada.

I do however think that he has a lot of knowledge and truth to a lot of what he says. I tend to believe that the truth is going to piss lots of people off and that is why they automatically shut it down most of the time. People tend to think you are crazy or insane when you actually are enlightened because they are so brainwashed and mind-fucked by society that they cannot look past their large fries and coke. Seriously, you start speaking the truth and people start calling you a wack-job.  

I just cannot get with the theory that Europeans/Caucasians only have babies with darker skinned people so they can have power over tell them what to do. I mean possibly that is the case somewhere and/or sometimes but in my case it was pure attraction and love for their father that led me to his bed, and let me tell you something Yada; these little fuckers never listen to me. The one “pure white one” I have doesn’t either, and he’s not even my birth child.

Statistically speaking based on three different types of kids in my house- black/white pr/white and white/white – they are all equally non-compliant.  

Seriously though, I am their mom, I carried them in my womb and when they came out of my pale melanin deficient body (literally melanin deficient cause not only am I white; I have Vitiligo, double whammy) nothing you said in your remarks about hybrid kids crossed my mind. I personally am not some sick twisted person plotting to mesh my own flesh and blood with someone else’s so that I can have my own little minions to control because of their skin color. I cannot speak for other Caucasian people, and have no desire to defend anyone except myself but that was not my intentions.

That makes me so sad because I really wanted to like him.I thought I “got” him for a minute, I was almost sold….

Yada is not really trying to, “spread the truth” he is trying to SELL the truth.

And that is the truth.

Yada wants you to buy his detox, and even if it works; (which I cannot confirm or deny;)  all the information you really need to make your own detox is available online, if you know how to use a computer than you can research it.I found out so much information over the past week about high alkaline foods, and what your PH actually is and what it means, and I have shared that growing knowledge with people in my community already so for that I am thankful to Yada. (Even if it was not intended to be for someone melanin deficient like me.)

I understand that people need to make a buck but the new self proclaimed Black Jesus should spread the knowledge for free if he really is such a GOD like he claims. Which he also claims that he loves everyone. But I’m just not feeling the love. 

Also apparently Caucasians are from Mars? Dude. Is this an actually theory….? I will be researching this and if I find out that he is correct…. have I been living under a rock? 

I have so much to learn about life still. 

So bye Yada; you little man have a big mouth, and insulted my kids so you have lost this martians support.




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