Time for Minimizing everything, or I threw away their toys.

After taking tons of toys to the recycling center this weekend I was met by two little curly haired beings, dressed as hulk and a ninja turtle. who questioned me as to ?where are all our toys” and I replied the dump the little superheros started bawling. It led me to take an early morning trip back to the dump to retrieve a wooden sword and a car. Thankfully they were still there.

It is Spring here so it is time for Spring cleaning and not just my house. I am looking for a re-do. I have always said, “less is more”but I never really understood that in a holistic way until now.

I am changing my life. I am changing it in a positive way and starting with minimizing everything. This is truly going to be a turning point for our family and would love to hear any comments or suggestions about changed people have made in their lives similar to these.

  1. Minimizing what we own. I am so sick of stuff. We have stuff everywhere and most of it seems to be stuff that we “need.” But is it? I got rid of two trash bags full of hangers that were…just hanging around… a bunch of toys my little two never use and throughout the week have been collecting clothes that my kids no longer fit in/need/like etc. Just that has already got me steps closer to my ultimate goal of living minimally with lots of kids in the house. Do we really need all this stuff? Or do we just want it.  If it is not necessary to our survival than it’s got to go.
  2. Minimizing what we eat. I am vegan. I have been a vegetarian since birth and crossed over to vegan after watching “Vedgucated” ten months ago. Now I am going towards another big change and trying to switch over to an Alkaline diet. Not only for me but for my family. I am interested in learning about it and minimizing the acid levels that we all intake. This is a huge change and will take some time but I have already begun to research and to implement some changes.
  3. Minimizing what we spend. It’s all about the budget. And when you are supporting so many people it’s important to be conscious about what we spend which brings me to my next…
  4. Minimizing my job. Yep. I quit. It was too much with 8 kids in the house for me to be working away from home so I am going to pray and hope that I can come up with another source of income to help my husband but one that allows me to work from home.
  5. Minimizing my stress. I think that all of these things will help but also I am being more present in my goals, morals and who I surround myself with. I am minimizing the drama in my life.

So as you can see it is going to be a process. I am going to try my best to focus on my main goal which is to live a low stress life, be healthy and happy. I also want to accomplish my dream of writing and already have ideas brewing. Feel free to comment and give me suggestions on any of these things that I am working toward on this journey  into minimal living!!



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