becoming the mom that uses an umbrella

I vowed I would never conform to normalcy. Well not really but in the back of my mind I have known it. The truth shines through when I am usually in flip flops, and all the other moms are in Sauconi running shoes, or wearing black boots. When I have the same yoga pants and pink hoodie on the next day, and the next day at pickup time, and the other moms are polished and clean in their blacks, and browns and neutral colors that somehow seem to always match, or when I am wearing my blue rain boots with leggings and I suddenly feel like I must look like a teenager, but my driveway is a mud puddle I just know. I just know I am different. I am on my own path, not necessarily intentionally but I just am. How many of those other moms have 8 kids, 3 dogs and 3 cats. If they do they deserve a high-five cause they hide it well. Me, eh….not so much. I try sometimes, to conform to the standards of what I think a mom should look like. And I usually fail. My girls rolled in laughter when I tried on a pair of mom-sneakers at the store, exclaiming how ugly they were. I hate wearing jeans, and I hate wearing shoes but I can deal with flip flops and ugg-type boots those are my two main choices of footwear, unless I am home then I am barefoot.

But alas. I am conforming because the other day I used an umbrella at pick up. Me. The mom that vows that rain won’t make her kids sick, the mom that thinks people are wussies because they are afraid to get a little wet. I did it myself, I pulled a huge black umbrella out of my trunk and even opened it before I stepped out into the rain, because apparently my rain boots weren’t good enough to protect me from the barely drizzling sky.

I’m not sure why I did it but at that moment I thought; you are either getting old or you are conforming to society. Neither one sounds like a good option to me. But I did not want to get wet, and get cold and so I used the umbrella anyway.


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