Sleepless days

A very close friend decided to go into labor three weeks early, we were not prepared for the birth of this little one, and for a moment he almost came on my birthday. Instead he came the day after – this is after a 4 day labor – and on his older brother’s 18th birthday. Isn’t that so strange how it happened like that? How 18 years later you are giving birth to a baby again, on the same exact day? It is such a miracle. A strange, unbelievable miracle. The birth was long, it was emotional, it was hectic and chaotic and it really symbolized my friends life in a nutshell.

Personally I slept about 1 hour in those four days, and the blur of day/night became one line. The going back and forth between her house and mine became automatic, picking my husband up at 6:30am to drop him at work since we have only one car right now, getting my kids off to school, and going back to the birthing madness.

I say birthing madness because it was. Their is no other way to describe it. She wanted people in the house, lots and lots of people. Moms and babes, dads, midwives, doulas, more kids and it was hectic. The sense of community was strong at times, and the sense of stress at others.

Too many cooks in one kitchen = too many birthing perspectives at one birth. What everyone’s roles were supposed to be I am not sure. I just did what I always do and tried to hold shit down. Tried to keep it together.

I am still drained. I slept as much as possible all weekend but it didn’t help. I am emotionally drained and physically and I am going to take a long time to heal from this experience and I am not even the one that gave birth!

In the end a scrumptious little one was born. He is precious, he is yummy and he has a long life ahead of him. Congrats little one on surviving your first steps into this crazy world. I hope your journey is long and fun.



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