Taking control (and trespassing an EX)

I haven’t been blogging much lately because I have been trying so hard to organize everything in our lives and basically take control back of my life.

That might resonate with you (or it might sound crazy)  but the best way to describe it is that when you do so much for others all the time, as a mother or any primary care giver, head of household etc., you tend to lose yourself somewhere in the mix.

Pleasing people, trying to fix everything, trying to make everyone happy, have a clean house, a clean yard…a clean car, make dinner, organize and pay bills, make sure everyone is fed (including any pets,) make sure everyone does homework, brushes their teeth and basically ensure that everyone is alive and well at all times….. not even getting into school shit and doctors, dentist appointments etc….. Sound familiar? 

Throw in two jobs and just tell me where you went in all of this. Who are you? What do you like to do, um besides clean and drive to and fro? Taking kids to taekwondo doesn’t count as your hobby! 

Who are you? Who am I. You get my point. The shuffle helps us lose ourselves and so I am trying to get back control of myself.

P.s If you or your partner have an EX (see babymama drama) that is either stalking you, or harassing you, you have the right to put a TRESPASS against them and they will not be allowed on your property. This is what I did and I can tell you that it made me feel so much better to take control of that situation and say – No you cannot show up at my house whenever you want, you cannot drive by my house and stalk us. And if you do, their is a consequence!





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