Review of Restaurant Vegan Palate

Vegan Palate Review

I visited the new vegan restaurant in Northampton Mass, Vegan Palate with my family on a Saturday night. Although most of the restaurants in town were completely packed and had long lines, this restaurant was completely empty. At first I thought twice, as that could be a bad sign; but the cool and welcoming atmosphere gave me the feeling that it was worth a try. The restaurant is exquisite inside, with an Asian Fusion vibe, the tables were beautiful wooden booths, and with candles and up-lighting providing the relaxing feel.

We were greeted with smiles immediately upon entering, and quickly brought to our table. The bar in the front of the restaurant is fully stocked, and their drinks were delicious and fairly priced. I shared a Scorpion Bowl with my husband for $10. The menu has only Vegan options. Our appetizers included Samosas and scallion pancakes; all fresh with delicious tasting sauces. The main meal was also hot, fresh and reasonably quick to come out of the kitchen. The Pad Thai was very delicate and perfectly seasoned, my main dish of tofu and mixed vegetables could have used some extra spicing, but overall everyone at the table; vegan, vegetarian or carnivore was able to order and enjoy their meal. Our bill including drink was just under $100 for a family of 7.

The dessert I ordered was a Blueberry pancake cake and it was horrible. But to her credit our waitress offered us a precursor when she brought it out, saying that some people don’t like it and that she was not going to charge us for it but would like our opinion.

Although we had some of our children with us, and they were well behaved during our visit I would not consider this to be a family restaurant, as when people did start to pile in, they were mostly couples or adult groups of four.

The eclectic atmosphere would be best served for a Date Night.
So if you would like to try a new style of food, or know someone that is vegan I would recommend checking out Vegan Palate.

Especially if you are a carnivore and your spouse is a vegan, dining here will give you the rare opportunity to feed your loved one a bite off your plate!


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