Shoe shopping isn’t shopping it’s a field trip


for our family shoe shopping becomes an all day affair.

When shoe shopping for so many kids, you need to be prepared, let me say first you will want to feed them before you go, and possibly pack some snacks and have them bring water bottles, {but not full water bottles.. because if they chug it they will have to go pee, and shoe stores are not mandated to have bathrooms unless they sell food and/or drink and of course our shoe store doesn’t.} So be prepared just to cut out the bs immediately when they start to get hungry and thirsty.


Secondly you must automatically expect that at LEAST one kid will have no socks on, another will have a sock with a huge hole, and yet another will have the smelliest feet imaginable – look at the odds; more kids = more feet. One kid, the youngest will probably have a meltdown because they suddenly hate shoe shopping. IMG_20150821_203537

I think it’s important to take advantage of a sales associates knowledge and have him/her measure all of your kids feet first, this way you can have a basis to go off of.

It can get confusing when the kids start showing you shoes all at once. Our trip started out with the associate offering to measure their feet, normally I wouldn’t but this time I said yes, it was a great idea.

I found out that most of our kids have two different sized feet. Yep. Weird and strange but it made total sense that my daughter spent 15 minutes every morning last winter trying to get one of her boots on, it was just actually too small.

So after she measured their feet we talked about brands that run big/small for a minute and then started looking. Nike’s run small, and narrow, that much I already knew.

Since my kids have oddly deformed foot sizes I had to write it down in a task manager on my phone whose feet were what size, who’s were two different sizes and who’s were “normal.”

I suggest bringing a pen and a tiny notebook to jot this down but a cell phone will work – if you don’t have a task or list app you can always text it to yourself.IMG_20150821_203609

So I use the Famous Footwear app, and it’s not an advertisement but I have saved a ton of money by shopping there. I earn points for every pair of shoes I buy, 1$=1 point and then I get Rewards as my points build up, and rewards are $$. So its a win-win for a large family.

Every year at the beginning of the school year they have a BOGO sale. Buy one get one half off. So if I buy six pairs of sneakers I’m getting three of those at half price, also you can get extra Rewards. I had 20% off for being a Rewards member and using the app. So when all was said and done I paid $203 for six pairs of sneakers; 3 pairs of Nikes, 1 Vans, 1 Reebox and 1 pair of Converse and a spray bottle of smelly shoe prevention. That’s about $35 per pair.

Everyone was able to get their desired style/brand of shoes and I earned 203 more points. IMG_20150821_203509

At the end of the day 2.5-3.5 hours later we were all exhausted. Before that I had kids walking around the store doing laps to test the shoes. You must do this! They need to know how it feels when they walk & when they walk really fast. Some shoe stores have a track on the floor, take advantage of it if they do, have them really test the shoes out because the last thing you want is to have to come back and do this all over again.

I spent so much time looking at shoes, talking about shoes trying to find the right fit and styles for each individual kid, plus trying to stay on budget and was so happy that we finished. It was a great feeling to finally be done. So great I took them to taco bell, something I never do. IMG_20150821_203707

So the night before school we had a fashion show and at the last child put his shoes on…..he had two left feet. I kid you not. Literally two left feet. So I had to make a quick trip back to Famous Footwear and get him the right foot. Get it…the right foot.

Anyway the best part for me is I earned 203 points so maybe I will actually be able to buy a new pair of shoes for myself at some pointIMG_20150822_153046

Most likely not though, as I am sure we will be needing more shoes for the kids soon. If by any chance you have an odd number of kids and you can find a store that does BOGO deals I say definitely get yourself a pair.

Sometimes it’s overwhelming all these points and cards and sign ups at stores but when you have an extra large family it is worth checking out these types of promos because they might really save you a lot of money.

And lastly; double check the shoes even if you personally watch the associate check to see if their is a left foot and a right foot because she may be too mezmerized and in awe of the size of your family, too distracted by all the kids to be paying attention to the shoes.


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