poem 3 (a mix of eastern religion and philosophy)

a poem (a mix of eastern religions and philosophy)

My daughter writes poetry, and she doesn’t believe that I can write poems or that I have or ever could have written poems, mostly because when she asked me about my poetry, I had no immediate memory of any of my poems. As in my mom brain has fried my ability to remember anything let alone the stanzas to poetry I have written over the years.

So later in an effort to search for an old notebook so I could PROVE her wrong and show her that I am not corny for saying that sometimes my poems rhyme, “mom you can’t rhyme poems, it’s not ok.” I pulled out some paperwork and I found this poem that had I written for a philosophy/eastern religions class years ago. I would like to share it with you, please read and comment – don’t worry it’s not rhyming…

My life 

How I accept it, I experience it

I learn, I grow

Embracing compassion

Attempting acceptance

Believing in the truth

of my experiences

and closer I come 

to knowing the real me

the naked me

as I am at this moment

surrounded by hot flowing water

disrobed of materialism 

undressed from the commercialism 

it is only I that I see; my true self

unknowingly I fight her existence 

as I wonder if she really exists at all 

I close my eyes 

I breath again

This time I see everyone 

Little children with dirty faces, hungry kittens, men fighting wars, women giving birth, a willow tree, a baby cow

children dancing, falling and getting up again

I see a little piece of myself 

in each of one of these 

imaginary real; images

I am alone at this moment

Yet I am not alone. 

We are all one. 

((A brief self analysis of this poem, it was for an assignment so I am not 100% emotionally attached to it, I do see where I was trying to go but I am not really sure about some parts, I may edit this eventually but until then….)) ;


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