Did you know the first bathroom stall is always the cleanest in a public restroom?

Most women don’t. Most women try to go to the furthest stall, to get away from the traffic, and from the door, to creat some type of privacy in a public bathroom. But in fact if you go into the first stall it is always the cleanest, and it is usually still clean from the night before and sometimes if you are lucky the seat is still up. So you get the bonus piss.

An actual clean toilet is hard to find in a public place. In my opinion, it really says a lot about an establishment if their bathroom is trashed and disgusting, especially if it is a restaurant. Why would anyone want to eat in a restaurant that has a dirty bathroom? If I go into a resaurant bathroom and it is trashed – I can’t eat there. I just can’t.

And God forbid I go in before we have ordered….. I will leave. This really makes you question what the fuck other women, or we women as a whole are doing in the bathroom, and why is it suddenly acceptable to be a nasty pig in a public restroom?

Nobody wants to talk about these things, and/or admit that women are disgusting, but I will.

So we have all gone into the bathroom at a store and seen a bloody mess on the seat, a tampon on the floor, pads on the floor. It’s just gross. We have also seen a shit storm and thought to ourselves, “who did that. who would do that!?” and that is the real question, who WOULD make those messes and just leave them and not give two shits? And the real question is um, WHY? Why would you leave a bloody mess all over the place and put shitty toilet paper on the floor and not care. I do not understand. It’s crazy because I have never witnessed anyone actually making the mess, I have only seen the aftermath.

I will tell you what I have witnessed, plenty of times, ready for this? Most women do not wash their hands after using the bathroom in a public restroom. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone into the bathroom and seen over and over women pissing, flushing and then leaving. Not even attempting to wash their hands or attempting to hide the fact that they aren’t washing them.

Now I am not talking about those times when you are actually looking at the sink and make a decision that if you touch it, you will get more germs on your hands then not, so you make a conscious decision to not wash. That is definitely a different scenario, and I can respect that, especially if little kids are involved and you just KNOW the sink is infested with bacteria. I am talking about women of all types, just not washing their hands.

I teach my kids to wash their hands, every single time they go to the bathroom, pee or poop or #11.

I don’t care, and ready for this?? I want you to wash your hands WITH SOAP. Yes I have to say “with soap”

all. the. time.

Note to all parents: If you do not say, “with soap” then you are just fooling yourself and those little hands are getting rinsed with water only.

So I teach them to wash their hands, by reminding them not to forget to wash their hands (more about this later)  and I do call them out on it if they don’t, and since our bathroom is currently off our kitchen (something I personally can’t stand) and I spend most of my time IN THE KITCHEN – either cooking or cleaning, or doing laundry or cleaning.. I can easily hear if they don’t wash their hands, I can’t tell you the number of times my little ones come out of the bathroom, see me and then go back in. To wash their hands. It is annoying to me that I have to remind them of this all the time, but the truth is that they are going to thank me for it in the long run.

At some point as they get older they just automatically start washing thier hands, and they don’t even have to be reminded to use soap! It’s like one of those AHHH moments.

This is how it usually goes:

Ages 1-4 LOVE washing thier hands, they do it so much and use ALL the soap every time. They wash for way longer than the ABC song takes to sing, and frankly it would be easier to just wipe their hands with a rag but since they love doing it so much, and it’s a good habit – you settle for spending an extra 47 minutes a day waiting for them to wash their hands.

Ages 5-8 They “Forget” to wash their hands. They forget to flush the toilet. Sometimes they forget to come in to use the bathroom in the first place and just piss their pants. They definitely forgot the excitement of soap, and need to be reminded to use soap every time they wash their hands – UNLESS you buy a new soap dispenser at which time they revert back to using the entire bottle of soap every time they wash.

Ages 9-12 They will wash their hands if they remember, if you are anywhere in the house and they know it they are most likely to wash their hands, if they are at school, they are most likely not going to wash unless they are bored, at which point they are likely to kill time by washing their hands with soap, then with hand-sanitizer and water, then with soap again.

Ages 13-15 They got this. They don’t want smelly hands, unless they are super busy playing outside at which point they will save all hand washing for the end of the day.

Ages 15-18 They know that you should wash your hands and will do it if they feel like it, but not if you tell them too.They will attempt to catch you not washing your hands, and at this point call you all sorts of disgusting.

Ok so that’s the rundown on the kids. They are learning, they need guidance and my best advice is to use the phrase that I use at least 10 times a day in my house, “Did you remember to wash your hands?”  If you ask it with this phrase you are not actually TELLING, you are reminding so they OWN the decision -not you.

This is one of my awesome psychological parenting techniques that I have perfected and swear by, kids need to own their decisions, they need to be tricked into thinking that washing their hands was their idea – not yours and you are just reaffirming their desire to wash their hands in the first place, it works! 

 So anyway back to the disgusting bathroom,/restroom habits of adult women in the USA. Please tell me ladies  at what point does someone think I am just gonna leave this shit on the seat for the next person, or I think I will throw my bloody tampon on the floor instead of the trash,  and while I am at it, I AM NOT EVEN GOING TO WASH MY HANDS.

Is it some sick twisted fetish to be as disgusting as possible in a public restroom. I do not know. What do you think?


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